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    How to Choose the Best Redken Shampoo for Your Hair

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    To keep your hair in optimal condition, we are shipping Redken shampoo and conditioner throughout lockdown. Shampoos and conditioners fall under essential products, ensuring that your hair gets the nourishment it needs at all times. If you are new to this brand, you may be wondering how to choose the Redken shampoo that best suits your hair. With a wide selection of shampoos, each helps to target specific hair types and conditions. Keep reading to find out how to make your choice and get our top picks on which shampoo to choose.

    Choosing the Right Redken Shampoo

    Some things to keep in mind when selecting your Redken shampoo include the following:

    Your hair type.

    Your hair type is usually the first thing to consider when choosing any shampoo. If your hair is naturally dry, using a product for normal hair may not cause much damage. Using a product for oily hair will strip your hair of its natural sebum, however. Likewise, you may have an oily or sensitive scalp, with dry ends. Take the time to learn about common hair types and think about your hair from root to tip. This will help you know whether to choose a dry hair shampoo such as the All Soft Shampoo or the High Rise Volume Lifting Shampoo for very fine hair. 

    Your hair condition.

    Along with your hair type, it is also helpful to consider the current condition of your hair. Have you recently coloured your hair? Do you do a lot of straightening that has led to damage over time? Is your hair getting harder to manage as winter approaches? Knowing what your hair needs right now will help target specific hair issues with the right shampoo. For example, you may try the Color Extend Shampoo to maintain your hair colour or the Extreme Shampoo if your hair is in need of extra nourishment.

    Our collection of essential hair care products gives you everything you need for gorgeous hair, during the lockdown and beyond. Browse our range of Redken shampoo to stock up on your chosen shampoo now.