How to Nourish Damaged Hair

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    Damaged hair can be incredibly frustrating - especially when it leaves you hair feeling dry, brittle and hard to manage. Hair can be damaged by harsh chemicals, such as hair dye, highlights and straightening products. It can also be damaged by long-term use of flat irons, curling tongs or dryers. Whatever has caused your damaged hair, premium-quality hair care products such as  Kérastase can greatly help to heal your hair from within. 

    Nourishing Damaged Hair With Kérastase

    Some tips to nourish damaged hair include the following:

    Avoid harsh chemicals. 

    Harsh chemicals can cause even more harm to hair that is already damaged. Instead of choosing products that can strip your hair of essential oils and nutrients, look for products that contain active ingredients that provide intensive care. For hair that has been damaged by excessive chemical treatments, theKérastase Bain, Soin, Masque Therapiste Trio helps to revitalise the hair, improving elasticity and protecting the hair’s fibre. 

    Kerastase Therapiste Trio

    Use leave-in treatments.

    Leave-in treatments are an excellent way to allow serums, masks and other conditioning products to absorb into the hair’s fibre overnight. As they are not washed out, they can sit longer on the hair and penetrate deep into the hair follicles. If your hair damage is preventing your hair from growing, try theKérastase Serum Extentioniste. This leave-in serum works from scalp to ends, energising the roots and stimulating regrowth. 

    Kerastase Serum Extentioniste

    Minimise heat exposure.

    Finally, another important tip to keep in mind is to reduce your hair’s exposure to heat. We know that you want to keep your hair looking sleek and smooth. Heat can cause even more harm to hair that is already damaged. After giving your hair the extra care it needs to rebuild and regenerate, you don’t want to cause damage once again by reaching for the ghd or dryer. Try to let your hair dry naturally as much as possible, embrace your natural hair, experiment with styles that don’t require heating, and you will soon see what a difference a break from styling can make to your hair’s condition. 

    Retail Box offers a range of Kérastase products to treat all hair types. Shop online and give your damaged hair the care it deserves today.