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    How to Soothe Sensitive Scalps

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    A sensitive scalp leads to numerous hair problems, not least an increased chance of dandruff. Heat styling can make things worse, while certain up-dos can add even more discomfort. Just as skin can be sensitive and reactive to ingredients, scalps are also prone to sensitivity. Knowing whether your scalp is sensitive, understanding why it may be sensitive and using products that soothe the irritation will all go a long way in bringing much-needed relief. 

    Simple Ways to Soothe Sensitive Scalps

    Here’s what you need to know about soothing sensitive scalps simple and effectively. 

    Know the symptoms

    The first thing to do is know the symptoms. Although there is some overlap, sensitive and dry scalps are not quite the same things. If you have any itching, irritation, burning, prickling, tingling, blisters or flaky patches, you likely have a sensitive scalp. If your hair often feels like it’s being pulled when it’s in a ponytail, this could also be a sign. 

    Understand the cause

    There are many things that contribute towards scalp problems. In some cases, it could be something easy to treat, such as dandruff. It could be a reaction to harsh ingredients in shampoo, conditioner or any hair treatments you have been using. It could be sunburn. It could be caused by scalp psoriasis, stress or other conditions. 

    Use the right products

    If you cannot easily identify the cause right away, don’t worry. There are products that will ease the symptoms and provide relief. One of the best product ranges for those with scalp sensitivity is theKérastase Specifique range. This range has been formulated specifically to target symptoms of sensitivity. Products in this range also treat other scalp-related issues such as itchiness, dandruff and hair loss. Nurturing products will balance your scalp, soothing and easing discomfort and leaving you with a healthy scalp. This range includes everyday basics such as shampoos and conditioners. It also includes the nourishingSpecifique Cure Apaisant Anti-Inconforts Treatment - a four-week course of leave-in treatments that ease scalp discomfort. 

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