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    How to Treat Hair and Scalp Sunburn

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    Many people aren’t aware of scalp sunburn and the damage that it can cause. Just as the rest of your skin is affected by the sun, your scalp is also affected. The top of your head has little protection from the sun (a good reason to get a hat when you go to the beach). Your hair can also be damaged by the sun. The effects of sun damage to your scalp range from hair loss to peeling skin, inflammation and discomfort. In severe cases, your hairline can start to thin and your hair may be damaged and more prone to hair loss. The good news is that it doesn’t have to result in permanent issues if scalp sunburn is treated correctly. 

    Treating Hair & Scalp Sunburn 

    How do you treat hair and scalp sunburn? For starters, here are a few tips to try.

    Invest in specialised hair products. 

    Using cheap store-bought products can dry out your scalp and cause more damage. An exfoliating anti-dandruff shampoo will not help, because the flaky skin on your scalp is caused by peeling skin. Harsh ingredients will cause more irritation. Products for dry hair won’t always help, either, as it’s your scalp you need to nurture. TheKérastase Specique range has a number of products that target sensitive, dry scalps, hair loss, and other related concerns. These includeBain Riche, which targets scalp irritation and hydrates hair as well asPotentialiste Hair Serum, which soothes inflammation. 

    Treat your hair and scalp gently.

    Until the discomfort and inflammation ease, make sure that you are gentle with your hair. Use cool water when you wash your hair, avoid or limit heat styling to prevent any further heat damage and keep your hair in loose buns, braids or ponytails instead of wearing it tightly tied back. You can also try a cool compress. Staying out of the sun or at least wearing a hat that provides full protection is also essential. Painkillers, increased water intake and aloe gel can help as well. 

    Retail Box offers a selection ofKérastase products for every hair concern. Whether you’re treating scalp sunburn, hair loss or any other related issue, you’ll find the ideal treatment here in the store.