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    Bathing Basics by John Paul Pet

    John Paul has recently launched a new line called John Paul Pet. 

    The range had been tested on humans but formulated with a specific PH balanced for Pets.

    Below are some bathing basics to help you take care of your pet as best as you can. 

    How wet should I get my pet

    -          Be sure to use a tearless shampoo on the face area to prevent eye irritation.

    -          Keep water out of the ears: place a cotton ball just under the ear flap.

    -          Use conditioner after bathing to return moisture o the skin coat.

    -          Rinse well, residual shampoo will attract dirt and cause flaking.

    -          Brush well before bathing to remove tangles, dirt, and hair.

    -          Place a towel on the bottom of the tub to prevent slipping.

    -          Pre-treat areas by applying shampoo to dry fur before bathing

    -          Pets do not like cold water, use tepid/warm water.

    -          Start at the tail and move forward, wetting and lathering the coat.

    -          Often cats do not like being sprayed with water. Try using a waterless shampoo.

    -          Blot your pet dry with a towel until damp, this may take several towels.

    -          If using a blow-dryer, use on NO or Low heat and brush Through


    Not sure you’re bathing your pet the right way?

    Take the Bathing basics Quiz below:

    1. How wet should I get my pet?

    a. Cold

    b. Hot

    c. Warm 

    2. When is it appropriate to apply shampoo to dry fur?

    a. To pre-treat an area

    b. After bathing

    c. If your pet is afraid of water

    3. Why is it important to rinse thoroughly after shampooing your pet?

    a. Because dirt and dust stick to soap residue

    b. Because residue makes pet itchy

    c. Because residue changes the colour of your pet

    4. To help calm nervous pets, place a towel on the bottom of the tub to:

    a. Muffle the sound of the water spray

    b. Keep your pet’s feet dry

    c. Prevent Slipping

    5. How can you avoid getting water in your pet’s ears during bathing?

    a. Don’t wash the face area

    b. Place cotton a ball just under the ear flap

    c. Have your pet wear a “hoodie”

    6. How can you avoid irritating our pet’s eye while cleansing the facial area?

    a. Have your pet wear goggles

    b. Use a tearless shampoo

    c. Cover your pet’s eyes with your hand

    7. What is the best way to dry your pet after bathing?

    a. Blot with multiple towels

    b. Use a Blow-Dryer on high

    c. Send your pet outside to air-dry

    8. Why should you brush your pet through bathing?

    a. Brushing loosens and removes tangles

    b. To make your pet feel good

    c. To remove dirt and debris from the coat.


    Check your answers.

    1.C    2.A   3.B  4.C   5.B   6.B   7.A   8.A


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