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    Hair Loss Must Haves

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    Are you suffering from hair loss?

    Hair loss is a common problem that occurs in men and women and is totally normal.

    Hair shedding is a part of life, on average everyone loses 100 strands of hair each day. If for some odd reason you notice that you are shedding way more than the average hair count or that your hair seems to not be growing back as it should be then you could have a hair loss situation tackling those roots.

    Hair loss can be triggered by a huge number of factors whether it be health, environmental or self-inflicted so it might be tricky to get straight to the bottom of the main cause.

    Common triggers of hair loss:

    -    Hormonal imbalance

    -    Stress

    -    Iron deficiency/anemia

    -    Vitamin deficiency

    -    Protein deficiency

    -    Age

    -    Medications

    -    Pollution

    -    Genetics

    -    Caps, hats, and helmets


    Helpful solutions to help reduce hair loss:

    1.    Try using vitamins for hair loss

    Vitamin A, E, and B increases blood circulation and boosts follicle productivity which may help maintain your hair, scalp and hair colour.

    2.    Use essential oils to massage your scalp

    Add an essential oil scalp massage to your daily routine to help your hair follicles remain active.

    3.    Avoid brushing your hair when it's wet

    Wet hair means weak hair. brushing your hair while wet may increase your chances of hair loss. Try using a wet detangler brush or wide-toothed comb if need be.

    4.    Regularly wash hair with a mild shampoo

    Keeping your scalp clean and fresh may reduce hair loss by lowering the risk of scalp build-up and dandruff which could lead to further infection.

    5.    De-stress

    According to medical studies, stress has a huge impact on hair loss. try de-stress methods to help cope with your current hair loss situation.

    6.    Keep your head sweat-free

    Always try keeping your head cool and wash your hair regularly to avoid sweat build-up which may clog your pores and weaken your roots

    7.    Stay away from chemicals

    Chemical treatments and permanent colour products could be your hair which may contribute to hair loss.

    8.    Avoid constant styling and hot tools

    Heat tools tend to create fragile and damaged hair which could lead to hair loss. Quite a few up styles place strain on your strands which may lead to hair loss so refrain from wearing them daily.


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