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    Introducing Mizani Miracle Length

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    Revitalise your hairline in just 3 months with the Miracle Length hairline and root stimulator.

    This long-awaited hairline and hair loss remedy from the experts in hair care is finally here! Now you can rejuvenate those sleeping hair follicles to restore your damaged hairline.

    Thinning hair is the fastest hair issue that affects 50% of adults. Those experiencing hair loss and receding hairline are searching for solutions and expert recommendation on ways to fix the issue.

    Hairline loss is a major concern for a large number of South African women. It’s time to take control of your thinning hair needs with Mizani Miracle Length.

    Mizani Miracle Length is a hair re-densifying treatment-stemoxydine for advanced thinning hair. Although Miracle length products are safe for colour-treated and chemically treated hair, Miracle length products are not sulfate-free.

    Here are the Benefits:


    › Grow hair with Stemoxydine5% and Castor Oil

    › Daily hair re-densifying treatment.

    › Stimulates dormant follicles for increased hair density

    › See 1700 new fibers after 3 months


    -          USAGE› Apply daily to scalp concentrating on roots. Divide hair in 8 sections focusing on hairline and the affected areas. Position the pipette directly at the root and scalp to apply 1 full pipette of the serum per identified section. Gently massage to permeate the entire scalp. DO NOT RINSE. Dry and style as usual


    Product benefits

    Perceived product benefits/effects on both the hair and scalp.

    Effect on scalp

    -          Opened pores

    -          Cooled off

    -          Clean and fresh

    -          Nourished and less dry

    -          No itchiness

    -          Not sensitive/less sensitive

    -          Healthy shiny scalp

    -          Moist scalp


    Effect on hair

    -          Growing – regain hair growth

    -          Less breakage

    -          Visible growth

    -          Soft hair

    -          Strong and healthy

    -          Thickened the hair texture

    -          Clean hair

    -          Shiny hair

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