New Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks

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    What is a Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask?

    It is a dual-benefit mask that gives you beautiful temporary color along with all the nourishing benefits of a deep conditioning treatment. There is a mask for just about everyone, they come in 7 shades ranging from the tropical pink Hibiscus to the rich, velvety Cocao. Play around with these fun fashion shades or enhance and maintain your existing salon colour between visits.

    How long will my colour last?

    Color depositing masks are not permanent, they add temporary colour that’s designed to gradually fade out over time. There are several factors that play a huge role as to how long your color mask will last, these factors are influenced by things such as your starting shade, how often you wash your hair and your hairs porosity. The shade you choose also affects longevity. Hibiscus and Aquamarine are the two most vibrant colors and may last longer than the rest of them.

    If I leave the mask on longer will the colour be more effective?

    That is a yes! The longer you leave the mask on your hair, the more intense your results will be. You can play around with the amount of time you leave it in to achieve different colour effects. (Up to a point, at least—leaving the mask in for a few hours won’t yield results all that different from those achieved by leaving it in for, say, half an hour.)

    Will the mask damage my hair?

    No, these masks will not damage your hair. They are intensely nourishing treatments that do not contain ammonia, peroxide or bleach so they do the complete opposite. The Moroccanoil color depositing masks contain a star-studded roster of ingredients, including their exclusive ArganID technology, which infuses argan oil dee into the hair’s cortex and helps seal the cuticle. They also feature an amino acid blend to nourish, detangle, and boost shine, plus Apricot Kernel Oil to help soften hair and improve hydration with oleic acid, linoleic acid, and Vitamin E.

    Will my hair go back to its original colour?

    Yes, it will. The color masks add temporary colour that’s only deposited on the outermost layer of the hair. The colour will eventually fade as you wash your hair.

    Do these masks stain my hands?

    The Moroccanoil masks may cause temporary staining that can easily be washed off with soap and water. If you prefer to protect your hands, try wearing gloves while applying that mask.

    The Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks are available in an array of colours. Take your pick and start shading away.


    Aquamarine is a cool blue tone for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair.


    Hibiscus is a brilliant, floral pink tone for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair.


    Champagne is a warm golden blonde for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair.



    Platinum is a cool, icy blonde for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair.


    Rose gold is a soft pink with warm, golden undertones for use on light blonde to medium blonde hair.


    Bordeaux is a deep crimson brown for use on light to dark brown hair.


    Cocoa is a rich medium brown for use on light to dark brown hair.


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