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    Perfecting Your Eye Makeup When Wearing a Mask

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    Perfecting Your Eye Makeup When Wearing a Mask

    Eye makeup can make up for a lot of the issues that come from masks, including the dreaded maskne. Face masks have become a normal part of life. Some have given up on makeup altogether - especially during lockdown when beauty routines tend to get lax. If you still want to maintain a flawless look, mask or not, you may need to change things up a bit. The focus is all on the eyes when you are wearing a mask. As most of your face is covered, it is your eyes that people will notice. With that in mind, it always helps to put more effort into your eye makeup to draw attention for the right reasons.

    Top Tips for Flawless Eye Makeup

    You don’t have to sacrifice your style when you are wearing a mask. Here are some tips to get a flawless eye makeup look, every time.

    Choose water-proof liner and mascara. 

    This is a good thing to have, even when you’re not wearing a mask. When you have your mask on, however, it is especially important. Ask any glasses-wearer what they hate most about masks and they will tell you - the condensation. Even if you are not wearing glasses, it’s good to remember that there is still warm air coming up your face when you breathe. This can affect your eyeliner andmascara. On warmer days or days where you are wearing your mask for long periods, you may find that your makeup is more likely to smudge or run. Water-proof liner and mascara will keep things in place without risk of this happening.

    Pay attention to lashes and brows.

    You don’t have to go all-out with super bold lashes and brows. Natural is always best. When you have layered on a lot of product to get extreme lashes and brows, there is more chance of things getting smudged (see our point about water-proofing above). Instead, look at accentuating your natural features with defined lashes and brows. Get that eyebrow wax and add subtle definition. Make use oflash and brow enhancers as well as mascara. There’ll be time to rock that bold nighttime look when things start getting back to normal.

    Experiment with current trends.

    Now is a great time to get creative. If you’re into subtle,barely-there looks, you can consider adding a bit more colour or definition. If you’re looking for something fun, there are many trends doing the rounds, from ombre to sunset, metallic, cats-eye, brushed up brows, patterned lids (yes - they’re as bold as you can imagine), and many other creative ideas. Play around with day and evening looks and have some fun.

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