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    Hair Gone Yellow After Bleaching?

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    Hair Gone Yellow After Bleaching?

    If your hair is yellow after bleaching, you’re not alone. Bleaching in itself removes colour from the hair, leaving it a horrible yellow colour. What is important to know is that it will not stay this awful colour. If you have a good colourist, you should be able to get the gorgeous shade of blond you want, without the yellow. You can also look for specialised hair care products that prevent brassy tones. Keep reading to find out what to do when your hair goes yellow after bleaching.

    How to Avoid Yellow Hair After Bleaching

    Here are a few things to know if you have yellow hair after bleaching.

    Don’t panic just yet.

    If you have recently gone to get  highlights or lightened your hair completely, you may get a huge fright when you see the initial colour. Before you panic, stop to consider whether more colouring will be done, such as adding another colour. A good colourist will not simply bleach your hair and leave you with a terrible shade of yellow. If for some reason this happens, it’s not a total disaster. 

    Speak to your colourist.

    The first thing to do is speak to your colourist to find out why this has happened. If you were going for a warm blond and ended up with something brassy, there may be something you can still do to rectify the problem. If the colourist has made a mistake or is purely not good at what they do, you can consider going for a colour correction at a trusted salon. A good, experienced colourist will work with you to find the blond shade that works for you, correcting, toning down the brassy accents and giving your hair a more natural colour.

    Invest in anti-yellow products.

    Something we highly recommend at Retail Box is  anti-yellowing shampoos and conditioners. These are made exclusively for blond hair. They are designed to remove brassy tools, giving a cooler tone. They work on coloured hair, gently balancing the colour without stripping the hair of moisture. Used as part of your  colour-treated hair regime, these products will go a long way in helping to correct colour tone. 

    Say goodbye to bad hair days for good with the help of our premium collection of hair care products for all concerns. Shop products online to deal with yellow hair after bleaching quickly and simply.