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    Which Hair Highlights Are Best for Your Hair?

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    Which Hair Highlights Are Best for Your Hair?

    Hair highlights are a great way to add colour and shine to your hair. Over the years, we’ve seen many different highlight styles emerge. From downlights to lowlights, ombre, balayage, tortoiseshell, two-tone, and reverse balayage, there are highlights to suit everyone. With that said, not all hair highlights will work for every person. Choosing the right highlights comes down to three main factors: your natural colour, your skin tone, and your hair type.  

    Choosing the Right Hair Highlights

    To make sure that your hair highlights are perfect, keep these things in mind.

    Your hair colour. 

    Although there’s nothing wrong with changing your hair colour completely, you’ll need to think about your base colour.Highlights are meant to bring out your hair’s natural tones. You can go bold or keep it subtle. Choosing highlight tones that blend well without clashing is important. Ideally, you want to use colours that are a blend of lighter and brighter tones than your natural colour without drastic colour shifts. 

    Your skin tone. 

    You’ll also want to consider your skin tone. Highlight colours are typically cool or warm in tone. There are many different used in highlights - blond, caramel, copper, brown, chestnut, ash, mushroom, bold colours, and even grey. If you have a cool skin tone, some colours may not work as well as they would with warm skin tones. Speak to your hairstylist to find out how to choose tones that work well with your skin tone.

    Your hair type. 

    Finally, you’ll need to consider your hair type. Very straight hair shows the definition highlights much more than curly and natural hair. This hair type would need finer highlights that do not contrast too much. Highlights on curlier and thicker hair will blend in more. Once again, speaking to your hairstylist is the best way to find out the best highlights for your hair type.

    Whichever type of highlights you choose, it is essential to keep your hair in good condition. Any type of chemical treatment will put stress on your hair. Using products that are designed tonourish coloured hair and maintain your colour is vital. Regular treatments are also advised to keep your hair looking and feeling good. Browse the Retail Boxhaircare product collection now to find all the products you need to maintain your new hair highlights.