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    3 Peptide Benefits for Your Skin

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    3 Peptide Benefits for Your Skin

    As a super-powered ingredient in many moisturisers and treatments, there are many peptide benefits for your skin. Peptides or polypeptides occur naturally in your skin. They are amino acids making up proteins that nourish the skin. Collagen includes peptide chains. 

    Peptides are needed to boost collagen naturally in the skin. When the skin is able to produce more collagen naturally, your skin will be plumper and firmer. Over time, however, collagen production in the skin starts to lessen. This is where peptide benefits come in to help your skin. Collagen molecules cannot be absorbed through the skin and are mostly absorbed through supplements. Peptides can be absorbed easily through products containing this ingredient.

    Peptide Benefits for Healthy Skin

    There are a number of major peptide benefits for your skin. Some of the biggest benefits that these proteins offer for healthy skin include the following:

    Protects your skin’s barrier. 

    Your skin’s barrier helps to ward off environmental damage such as toxins, bacteria, UV rays, and other threats. As its first line of defence, this barrier can prevent the layers beneath the barrier from damage. As peptides form part of protein chains, they help to strengthen your skin’s barrier for more resilient skin. 

    Promotes younger-looking skin. 

    There’s a good reason that peptides are a common ingredient inanti-ageing products. These proteins assist in collagen production. This makes them excellent for fighting the signs of ageing. Collagen produced from peptides makes your skin firmer, plumper and tighter. It also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and even plumps your lips. 

    Reduces inflammation and breakouts.

    Another major benefit of peptides is its ability to reduce inflammation and redness. Peptides help to reduce redness and even out your skin tone. They help to repair any damaged skin or areas that are dehydrated. In some cases, peptides can also help toreduce breakouts, thanks to their antibacterial benefits. 

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