How to Treat Skin Breakouts

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    How to Treat Skin Breakouts

    Skin breakouts can happen to just about everyone at some point, for many different reasons. Combination and oilyskin types are generally more prone to breakouts. However, even those with dry skin may experience skin breakouts during pregnancy or when stress levels get too high. Diet can also play a role in breakouts - and not just a bad diet, either. Detoxing from a bad diet can trigger breakouts as well.

    Dealing Skin Breakouts

    How to treat breakouts and what can you do to get your skin balanced once again?

    Identify the cause.

    First, you will need to find out WHY your skin is breaking out. Have your hormone levels changed? Are you battling with stress? Has your diet changed? Do you have breakouts often or do they happen randomly? Understanding the cause is essential to know how to treat your breakouts. 

    Treat breakouts gently.

    Believe it or not, breakouts, blackheads and oily skin does not need to be scrubbed. Breakouts happen when your skin is out of balance. Sebum and dead skin cells are released through the follicles of your skin, where tiny hairs grow. When these follicles are blocked, oil production increases and breakouts happen. Spots quickly become inflamed and painful. Scrubbing your skin can end up causing more inflammation, which makes the breakouts even worse. Instead of scrubbing away, you will need to be gentle with your skin.


    Use the right products. 

    Using products that are gentle yet effective at balancing the skin is essential. If you commonly experience blackheads on your T-zone, look for good qualitycombination skin products. If you have breakouts across your skin, look foroily skin products. Masks designed to treat breakouts can also be effective, whether you get breakouts regularly or at certain times only. Ingredients that will help to reduce and unblock pores include clay and charcoal. 

    Breakouts don’t have to be the end of the world. Invest in premiumskincare products from Retail Box and you will be able to treat skin breakouts more effectively.