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    How to Layer Hair Care Products

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    How to Layer Hair Care Products

    Using your hair care products is the best way to get the maximum benefit of every product you use. Just as the order you use your skincare products is important, the order you use products for your hair is equally important. Keep reading to find out how to layer your hair care products.

    Layering Your Hair Care Products 

    Here is the order you should be applying your hair care products:


    The first step is to cleanse your hair using a good qualityshampoo made for your specific hair type. Make sure that you wash your hair thoroughly and towel dry so that your hair is damp rather than dripping wet. 


    Next step is to apply your mask or other rinse-out treatment. This should always be applied to clean, damp hair so that the mask can penetrate deeply into the hair from the root down. Use a mask suited to your hair type for best results.


    Once you’ve rinsed out your mask, you can apply yourconditioner. Once again, use conditioner for your hair type. You can leave the conditioner in a few minutes or rinse out immediately depending on the type you use.

    Leave-In Treatments

    Once your hair is clean and conditioned, you can apply any leave-in treatments you may be using. Ideally, these should be applied weekly rather than daily. 

    Heat Protectant

    Next, if you plan to style your hair with a flat iron, SteamPod or hairdryer, use aheat protectant before using any heat tools. 

    Once you’ve finished these steps, you can end with a styling product such as hairspray to keep your hair in place. You can find all thehair care products you need right here at Retail Box.