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    Hair Care Ingredients That Can Affect Hair

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    Hair Care Ingredients That Can Affect Hair

    Up until fairly recently, hair care ingredients were not something that many people thought about. Most shampoos and conditioners contained so many ingredients that it was hard to know how to pronounce each one, let alone know the effect they may have on hair health. These days, looking for quality hair products means understanding hair care ingredients and the role they play in promoting healthy hair. 

    Which Hair Care Ingredients Can Affect Your Hair?

    Which hair care ingredients have an effect on your hair? For starters, here are the two ingredients that are starting to be seen in products less and less. 


    Sulphates are ingredients that produce lots of foam. The role they have conventionally played inshampoo is to clean on a deep level. There are a few types of sulphates used in store-bought shampoo. The most common are sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulfate but ammonium laureth sulfate can also be used or even a compound mixture that is not a true sulphate but serves the same purpose. The problem withsulphates is that they strip the hair of natural moisture, by removing all oil - even the good type that keeps your hair in balance. This can lead to dry hair as well as dry or sensitive scalp. Using a goodsulphate-free shampoo will clean your hair gently yet thoroughly, without removing your hair’s natural oils that it needs to be healthy, shiny and strong.


    Silicone is used in shampoo andconditioner as well as styling products. It is not a harmful ingredient that will cause damage, however, it still affects your hair. The function of silicone in hair products is to coat the hair shaft to make it feel soft and minimise frizz. The problem with silicone-based products is that they often weigh down the hair, causing build-up and drying out the hair over time with regular use. It can also block out nurturing ingredients as it locks in moisture and makes it harder for anything else to absorb into the hair - even the good ingredients. If you use products containing silicone, you can avoid problems by using smaller amounts. You can also look for products containing water-soluble silicone. 

    It may seem easier and cheaper to buy your hair products on the shelf while doing your grocery shopping. The secret to good hair is using products that genuinely nourish your hair, however. Browse our fullhair care range to find premium products that are high in healthy, natural hair care ingredients.