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    When is the Best Time for a New Hair Cut?

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    When is the Best Time for a New Hair Cut?

    The start of a new year can be a great time for a new hair cut. In fact, any time is good for a change where hair is concerned. With many cuts coming back into style this year and many different lengths to try, you don’t have to go super short to enjoy a new hair cut. Whether you’re battling to grow out uneven lengths, sick of having the same cut months (or years) on end or you’re simply tired of fighting with your hair, now is the perfect time to get that snip.

    Is it Time for a New Hair Cut?

    Some signs it’s time for a new hair cut include...

    You’re growing out a shorter cut.

    Growing out a pixie can be very frustrating - especially for those who have little patience for the many growth phases involved in growing out this cut. Regular trims and cuts are essential to growing your hair out, to slowly work towards getting your hair in an even cut. If your hair is starting to reach below your neck, you could try a short bob. You could try adding a curtain fringe or add a few layers.

    You’re bored with your current cut. 

    If you find a cut that suits you, that is always a huge plus. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change things up and find an equally flattering cut. There are many great, versatile cuts to choose from this year - pixies, bobs,lobs, curtain fringes, and even feminine versions of the mullet. You can make even more of a change by going a few shades lighter or darker or trying some bold colour.

    You’re tired of bad hair days.

    Growing your hair out, going too long without a cut, battling to detangle your hair every time you wash, brush or dry, constantly wearing your hair up because you don’t know what else to do with it, and generally feeling sick ofbad hair days is another reason to get those locks cut. A practical yet stylish cut like the lob will take off length, be much easier to manage, give you more styling options, and get rid of split ends and other damage. 

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