How do Ceramic Brushes Work?

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    How do Ceramic Brushes Work?

    Ceramic brushes are a must for every hair styling kit. Unlike natural bristle brushes, these brushes are made from metal, with a plating of materials such as ceramic and sometimes tourmaline. These brushes are made toheat and style hair quickly. The metal and ceramic heat up to a high temperature. With a round barrel and evenly spaced vents, the brush glides through the hair as you dry. The heat produced by ceramic brushes breaks down hydrogen bonds as you move it through your hair, creating sleek, straight styles or wavy blowouts easily.

    Using Ceramic Brushes for Hair Styling

    How do ceramic brushes work and why are they so great for styling? Let’s take a look.

    Fast heating. 

    Cutting out styling time is never a bad thing. Ceramic plates heat extremely fast. Used with athermal protection spray or serum, this means that you will dry hair very quickly. It may take a little bit of getting used to until you get the hang of using this type of brush. Soon, you will be gliding the brush through your hair, drying and smoothing in no time at all. 

    Reduced frizz.

    The biggest benefit of this brush is its ability to reduce static. The hair contains positive ions, while ceramic hairbrushes produce negative ions. This means that hair is smoothed as you brush, with minimised frizz. Your hair will also be sealed and protected and the natural oils in your hair will be locked in to smooth your hair even more.

    Even results.

    The barrel design of ceramic hairbrushes, along with their carefully spaced vents, ensures even results. The ceramic plating heats evenly so that the brush can glide through your hair and heat the entire section. You won’t have to keep going back to each section as you would with a regular brush. Instead, you can efficiently make your way through your hair and end up with flawless, even results. 

    If you’re looking for the perfect tool for shiny, glossy hair, this brush is sure to be your go-to tool. Used alongside a good qualityhairdryer, you’ll soon see the results. Shop ceramic brushes, thermal protection, dryers, and everything else you need for gorgeous hair at Retail Box now.