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    Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

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    Why Is Everyone Taking Collagen Supplements?

    Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

    Collagen supplements  offer many benefits to your health.

    For healthy skin and hair, collagen is essential. It is a structural protein that forms the connective tissue in the body, including skin, bones, muscles, and hair.  Collagen is depleted as we age so it is essential to supplement with a high quality collagen powder or capsule.

    The body produces this protein naturally and makes up the majority of your skin. Despite the abundance of collagen found within your body, production levels start to decline during the ageing process. Collagen powder helps to replenish collagen levels, helping to boost production in the body as well. 

    Wondering whether you should take a regular supplement? There are many benefits of taking collagen supplements. The biggest benefits include:

    Anti Ageing 

    As collagen levels slowly deplete, the skin loses its plumpness. Supplements containing collagen help to slow down the process. They work hand-in-hand with products containing  peptides to further improve your skin’s defence barriers. Fine lines will be smoothed, the skin’s elasticity will improve and the skin will look fuller and plumper. 

    Deeply hydrates the skin.

    Another major benefit of this protein is its ability to provide deep moisture and hydration. While collagen can be absorbed topically, supplements increase the skin’s hydration on a deeper level. Regular intake can help those with dry skin, leaving you with softer, more dewy skin that is more elastic and firm.

    Stimulates hair growth.

    Collagen can also be excellent to promote hair growth. As this protein helps to increase the strength and structure of connective tissue, it also works to increase keratin levels. 

    Hair and nails need this protein to grow stronger. Regular supplements will help to smooth and nourish the hair from within, strengthening the follicles from within.

    When is the best time to take your Collagen Powder?

    It's best to take your supplements first thing in the morning before or with your breakfast.  For a good nights rest it can also be taken just before bed time.

    How do I take my Collagen Supplement?

    Collagen is so versatile and can be mixed with your food, added to your morning coffee or simply mixed into a glass of water or milk.  You will also find collagen lattes, hot chocolate and slimming shakes for ease of use. Of course there are also capsule forms of collagen for those who prefer to just add it to their morning vitamins.

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