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    Finding the Right Type of Skin Cleanser

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    Finding the Right Type of Skin Cleanser

    Choosing the rightskin cleanser makes all the difference. There are many different cleansers out there, each catering to specific skin concerns. For normal skin, the majority of cleansers can be used. For those with other skin types, some cleansers will work better than others. To help you get the dewy, healthy skin you’ve always wanted, we’ve put together a short guide on choosing the best skin cleanser.

    Choosing the Right Skin Cleanser

    Choosing the right skin cleanser comes down to finding the type that is best suited for your specific skin type. Here are the most common cleanser types.

    Gel cleansers.

    These cleansers are easily one of the most common cleansers. They can be used with normal skin, combination skin and oily skin. In most cases, they are not ideal for dry and mature skin, however. Many are made for deep pore cleansing. 

    Foaming cleansers.

    Foaming cleansers are the next most common cleansers. These are also used on normal, combination and oily skin. They can be used on dry or sensitive skin in some instances - only if the cleanser contains ingredients that do not dry out the skin. 

    Milk cleansers.

    Milk cleansers are more gentle. They are often used on dry or sensitive skin. The milky formula gently cleans without drying out the skin. Most milk cleansers will still remove excess sebum and debris by targeting pores. They have calming ingredients that do this gently, however.

    Other cleansers.

    Other cleanser types include purifying cleansers. These often contain clay, charcoal or other ingredients that draw out impurities andtarget breakouts. Cleansing waters can often be used as cleansers and makeup removers. Exfoliating cleansers gently scrub away excess skin cells and can be used on various skin types, depending on the product.

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