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    Simple Hair Care Tips for Winter

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    Keeping your locks healthy all year round means fine-tuning your hair care routine for each season. Summer and winter are both key seasons that affect your hair in more ways than you may realise. Whether you live in a high-rainfall region or one that has dry, cold winters, giving your hair what it needs throughout the cold season is essential. In this guide, we’re sharing some simple hair care tips for winter. 

    Quick & Easy Winter Hair Care

    Say goodbye to bad hair days with our lazy girl’s guide to winter hair care. Here are just a couple of things that will keep your hair looking good throughout the winter.

    • Get those ends cut. Every season is a good time to change up your look with a new cut. But the start of summer and winter is an especially good time to give your split ends a trim. Starting the cold, wet winter months with hair that is free of dry ends will help you avoid dry hair. You don’t have to go too drastic - a basic trim will be perfect to remove any split ends.

    • Beat the frizz. Anti-frizz treatments are your best friend when your hair is dry and prone to fluffing up at any given moment. When there’s any sign of rain in the air, strong winds or even dry, cold air, you can be sure that your frizz will go up a notch. Smooth out frizz with anti-frizz products containing nourishing ingredients that don’t further dry out your hair.

    • Prolong your colour. Changed your colour recently? Planning to go a few shades warmer this winter? Keep your colour protected and use products that prolong colour, protect your hair from damage and nourish your hair from root to tip. 

    • Give your hair extra TLC. Now is the time to use your favourite masques and treatments more frequently. Regular leave-in treatments will go a long way in preventing dry hair and frizz. 

    • Choose quality products. Last but not least, always make sure that you use quality products made for your hair type and concerns. Commercial products are high in ingredients that strip your hair of moisture, leaving it looking dull. Quality products from trusted professional brands such asRedken will nourish your hair, protecting it against the elements and leaving it looking and feeling shiny, soft and healthy. 

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