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    Everything You Need to Know About Skin Cycling

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    You may have heard of skin cycling - a TikTok hot topic that claims to deliver flawless results. What is it, exactly, and does it actually work? While it’s not always wise to get your skincare advice from social media, some trends are worth noting. According to numerous dermatologists, this may be one of them. In a nutshell, skin cycling is all about planning your skincare routine to include a combination of active ingredients and rest days. Although it’s currently making waves in the skincare world, it’s not a new concept. In this guide, we’ll dish the details on what it is (and whether it’s worth trying).

    What is Skin Cycling & How Does it Help Your Skin?

    The aim of skin cycling is to allow your skin to get the benefit of active ingredients, without overloading or putting too much strain on your skin. Rather than applying active ingredients every single day, the cycle incorporates recovery ingredients such as moisturisers to give your skin a rest. According to dermatologists, the goal is to help your skin build up resistance, avoid irritation and develop consistency within your routine. 

    Typically, the cycle runs over the course of four nights, but it varies for each person, so you may find your own cycle that suits your needs. Here’s what a typical cycle could look like:

    Every night includes your usualcleanser,toner andmoisturiser, whether you are exfoliating or applying an active ingredient such as retinol. The logic behind cycling is that the combination of exfoliation and retinoids can often trigger inflammation. Chemical exfoliants can be irritating - especially for those with sensitive skin. Retinol can also have the potential to irritate or inflame the skin. However, as both of these offer benefits to your skin, skipping them altogether isn’t great. This is where cycling comes in to save the day. By alternating exfoliation and targeted treatment and adding rest days that include only basic moisturising, your skin gets all of the benefits, without the risk of irritation and inflammation. Exfoliation on the first day prepares your skin for retinoids, increasing their effectiveness for brighter, smoother skin.

    This approach is best suited to those withsensitive skin, who are looking to brighten dull complexion. It may not be ideal if you’re looking for an anti-ageing skincare routine. It is not recommended for those with acne. 

    Keen to learn more about this routine and whether it’s the right option for your skin type?Speak to our skin expert to find out more about skin cycling and get personalised suggestions on whichskincare products to shop at Retail Box.