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    3 Tips for Salon-Grade Hair Care at Home

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    While it’s always good to get to your hairstylist regularly for trims, you can get professional-grade results from doing your own hair care at home. The secret to getting the soft, shiny and smooth hair you always get when you walk out of the salon is knowing which products to use. The styling tools you use have a big effect on results, too. Even the routine you follow can make your hair look and feel like you’re just back from a professional treatment. Keep reading to get our tips on hair care at home.

    Tips for Professional-Level Hair Care at Home

    To ensure the best results with home hair care out of the salon, you’ll need to start with the right products. One of the best brands for at-home haircare isRedken. This range has a variety of products to suit your hair type and concerns, from colour-enhancing to softening. Once you’ve found the right products for your needs, here’s what to do:

    1/ Daily or weekly routine

    Start by creating a daily routine or even a weekly routine. If you have fine hair that is prone to sebum build-up, you may need to wash your hair every day. If your hair is dry, curly, damaged or colour-treated, washing once or twice a week will prevent your hair from drying out further. Choose your shampoo and conditioner, making sure that it is right for your hair type and concerns. Don’t forget to include treatments that you will use once a week or more frequently if needed. 

    2/ Regular treatments

    On the topic of treatments, masks and other leave-in treatments are essential. These will allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper into your hair, leaving it feeling and looking good. Always follow instructions when using hair treatments. Rinse-out masks are a great way to get more nourishment after washing and conditioning. If your hair needs more TLC, leave-in or overnight treatments are recommended.

    3/ Quality styling tools

    Heat can cause damage to your hair over time. Cheap hairdryers, straighteners and other tools can all have a negative impact over time. If you want to have your hair looking like it has been professionally styled, invest in quality tools. Always use heat protection before using any tool. This will ensure that your hair ends up feeling sleek and silky, without the risk of damaged strands or frizzy patches. 

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