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    Summer Beauty Essentials: Navigating the Heat with Confidence

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    As we get closer to the hot season, it’s time to get prepared with must-have summer beauty essentials. If you’re daydreaming about beaches, swimming pools, swimsuits, dresses, cocktails, holidays, braais, and all the other things on the horizon, you’re not alone. Whether you live in a warm climate or you’re counting down the end to a cold, wet winter, summer is the best time. 

    When you’re on holiday, it’s easy to let your beauty and skincare routine lapse a little. Summer is when you’ll need to up your beauty game, however… especially if you plan on glowing from head to toe. Sweat-smeared mascara, sunburnt skin, oily T-zones, feet you’re too shy to show off in sandals, dry skin recovering from winter, and clogged pores are never a good look if you’re planning to sizzle in all the right ways this season. 

    Summer Beauty Essentials to Beat the Heat

    Here are just a few things you’ll need to enjoy summer confidence from day to night.

    A good sunscreen

    You should be using a day cream with built-in SPF all year round - even on cold, overcast winter days. But on hot days when the sun is at its highest point, you shouldn’t leave the house without a decent sunscreen. Harmful UV rays can cause uncomfortable sunburn and irritation (and less-than-glamourous tan lines). They can also lead to pigmentation and fine lines, drying out your skin and thinning its barrier. Go for a lightweight SPF or a day cream that has a SPF. If you’re swimming or sweating it out, reapply often.

    Hot weather skincare

    Heat and humidity can have an effect on your skin. Problems such as oiliness, breakouts, rough patches and sensitivity can all wreak havoc on hot days. Moving over to a hot weather skincare routine as summer approaches will help prepare your skin. Look for soothing, refreshing cleansers that won’t dry out your skin; alcohol-free toners that refresh without leaving your skin feeling tight; lightweight serums; and light moisturisers that won’t clog your pores. You can also go for soothing masks containing aloe vera or other cooling ingredients.

    Heat-proof makeup

    Heat-proof makeup is a game-changer if you want to avoid looking like a mess by the end of the day or night. When choosing makeup for summer, choose products that are long-lasting and moisture-resistant. Use a primer that controls shine and gives you a smooth base, plus a lightweight foundation. Cream blushes and bronzers add a glow, while waterproof eyeliner and mascara are essential. A matte setting spray can finish off your look, preventing any shiny patches and holding everything in place.

    Cooling mists

    On hot days, your skin often feels tired, hot and irritated. Facial mists are a vital addition to your makeup kit when preparing for beauty in a warm climate. A quick spritz can rejuvenate the skin, providing hydration and a burst of freshness. Look for mists with no alcohol, synthetic fragrances or other harsh ingredients and instead go for those with natural, soothing ingredients.

    Gentle exfoliators

    Sweat, oil and sunscreen can lead to clogged pores during summer. A weekly exfoliation session is essential. Look for chemical exfoliators made for your skin type. Exfoliation not only sloughs away dead skin cells but also makes it easier for other skincare products to absorb, revealing a radiant complexion underneath.

    Hand & foot care

    Summer is the season of sandals and bare feet. It's also a time when hands are frequently exposed to the sun. A hand cream with SPF can keep hands moisturised and protected. For your feet, a good foot cream applied nightly can heal dry heels and keep them soft. Regular at-home pedicures can ensure your feet are always summer-ready. There’s nothing like a pretty nail colour to put you in a summer mood, making sure you won’t have to hide your feet when temperatures rise.

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