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    Bio-Kinetic Go Ash Cleanse & Ultimate Ash 250ml: Unveiling the Power of Ash Tones for Stunning Hair Colour

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    From platinum to babylights and barely-there balayage, air hair colour is all about subtle, sophisticated tones. This colour gives you a cool-toned blonde, working well on lighter hair shades. Whether added as highlights or integrated into a more complex blend of colours, it is a great choice for those who want to make a statement without trying too hard. While there’s no doubt that ash tones will give your hair a fresh new look, maintaining this colour is essential if you want to avoid looking washed out. 

    One of the best bundles for maintaining and enhancing ash hair colour is Bio-Kinetic Go Ash. This bundle includes the Bio-Kinetic Go Ash Cleanse and the Ultimate Ash Conditioner. Toning shampoos and conditioners are designed to keep colour looking fresh, by balancing tones and reducing fade after multiple washes. For cool shades, these products help to prevent copper and brassy tones that can reduce the effect of ash tones. A good shampoo and conditioner will also help to prevent hair from feeling and looking dry, dull and straw-like. 

    If you want a stunning hair colour and you’re considering one of the many ash trends, the  Bio-Kinetic Go Ash Cleanse & Ultimate Ash is a must-have.

    Bio-Kinetic Go Ash for the Ultimate Hair Colour Transformation

    What makes the Bio-Kinetic Go Ash set perfect for ash hair colour? Let’s take a look.

    Tone perfection

    Although they may sound dull or flat, ash tones are actually full of depth and dimension, if applied by an experienced colour professional. When used as part of a multi-faceted balayage, they can balance warmer tones. They can also be used as an alternative to golden or warm red tones. Some of the top ash tone trends include rose-tinted ash blonde, ash blonde with grey undertones, platinum ash blonde, chocolate ash blonde, buttery ash blonde, ash bronde, silver ash highlights, and ash blonde ombre.

    Long-lasting colour

    To bring out the true beauty of this stunning hair colour, you need it to last after multiple washes. Faded ash tones will result in a lost effect, minimising the depth and dimension and leaving your hair looking flat. Whatever colour you choose, making sure it lasts is vital. The Go Ash range will ensure that your ash undertones stay vibrant, reducing the need for salon touch-ups and keeping your colour looking amazing.

    Natural-looking results

    One of the benefits of ash hair colour is its subtlety. Even when used in statement highlights or bolder colour changes, this colour can look natural and understated. Maintaining that natural effect is essential to avoid warmer tones from creeping in, throwing your tone off balance and resulting in harsh contrasts. 

    Ideal for all hair types

    This colour suits all hair types, from fine straight hair to natural hair. Depending on how you use it, you could go for subtle touches or make a more dramatic hair colour transformation. Speak to your colourist to get advice on which shade of ash is best for your specific hair type. When choosing this colour, it’s also good to consider your skin tone. While the wide variety of colours and styles have evolved enough to have a shade for every skin tone, it’s still good to remember that cool tones can leave you looking washed out if you choose the wrong tone. Ash is a cool-toned colour that looks especially good on those with cool-toned or neutral skin. 

    Healthier hair

    One of the biggest challenges when making a hair colour change is keeping your hair healthy and reducing damage. The chemical process of colouring can take its toll on your hair - especially if your hair is dry or prone to breakage. Products such as Go Ash help to protect and nourish your hair, with active ingredients that maintain the hair’s structure and reduce the impact of chemical treatments.

    Ready to transition to a stunning hair colour? You’ll find the Bio-Kinetic Go Ash Cleanse & Ultimate Ash set at Retail Box, giving you all you need to bring your ash tones to life.