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    Which Skin Products to Use in Your 30s

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    Skin products  to use in your 30s play a major role in the ageing process. Unlike your 20s, when your skin is still producing collagen on its own, production starts to slow down in your 30s. You may not be showing visible signs of ageing yet but you may start to notice very faint signs. You may have noticed very fine lines beneath your eyes. You may start to see a slight change in your skin tone. If you’re been rather lax with skincare in your 20s, don’t worry. It’s never too late to start a good routine using quality skin products in your 30s.

    Best Skin Products to Use in Your 30s

    At this stage, your skin is a little less resilient than it was before the big Three Oh. Taking that into account, the focus is on nourishing, protecting and caring for your skin without causing any damage. Here are some of the best skin products to use in your 30s.

    Gentle cleansers

    You still want to remove excess skin cells and exfoliate. But you don’t want to use manual exfoliators or harsh cleansers. The cleanser you’ve been using in your 20s may be too harsh for your skin now. Look for gentle cleansers that do not strip your skin of much-needed moisture. It’s also important to remember that micellar waters do not count as a cleanser. It should only be used when you’re in a pinch and unable to properly cleanser. You can also use it as a makeup remover. For toning, skip the wipes (these are too rough) and go for leave-on toner sprays instead.

    Nurturing serums

    Serums are anexcellent investment  - much more so than moisturisers and other products. Invest in a decent serum or two made specifically for your skin type. Use these daily as part of your morning and evening skincare routines. There are many different types on the market. If you’re not sure which serum and products are best for your skin,book a consultation  with our skincare experts for advice.

    Active ingredients

    Active ingredients to look for in your 30s include vitamin C (a great gentle exfoliator that helps improve skin tone and protect against environmental damage),vitamin A  (aka retinol - helps to target signs of ageing) and PHA / BHA / AHA (essential acids that help ward off signs of ageing and nourish the skin). Vitamin E is also good for hydration.Hyaluronic acid  plumps the skin. 

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