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    What They Don’t Tell About Black Friday Beauty Shopping

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    As we get ready to open our virtual doors for unbeatable  2021 Black Friday beauty shopping at Retail Box, it’s a good reminder that this time of year is not all fun and savings. This event was once primarily an American tradition, taking place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Today, it is a global trend. It has also resulted in Cyber Monday - the online version taking place the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. There is no doubt that this day brings the chance to get HUGE deals. At Retail Box, we’re busy preparing a collection of top brands and products that will help you get great savings. That’s not to say that Black Friday beauty shopping doesn’t have a darker side...

    The Dark Side of Black Friday Beauty Shopping

    Here are some of the less glamorous things to know about Black Friday beauty shopping.

    Overspending is a big risk.

    Now, more than ever, South Africans need to watch their budgets carefully. The goal of Black Friday is to help you save. Ironically, because you are focusing on the deals rather than whether you would actually be buying all those makeup products, you could end spending a lot more than you realise. The secret here is to make a list of things you genuinely want to get and set a budget. This will help you avoid spending too much on things that will sit in the back of your bathroom cupboard forever. 

    Prices can be manipulated.

    Very large stores can get sneaky about prices. It’s easy to make prices seem much lower, even if they are not much different than they were before sales began. The best way around this is to check pre-sale prices now before the sales begin. You will soon see whether large stores are offering genuinely discounted prices or simply making their prices sounds good. Luckily, smaller retailers and specialist stores such as Retail Box do not need to resort to these strategies. We’re all about bringing you real value on products you love.

    FOMO is a real factor.

    Black Friday is a huge deal. Few things get people excited like major sales. The hype is real. Physical stores get crazy, with people fighting over products, crowds rushing through the doors, long queues, and other such madness. There is a big sense of urgency, even with online sales. This is where that shopping list gets useful. Rather than getting caught up in the hype, use your list and keep your focus on products you genuinely want to buy. 

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