Why Are Heat Protection Products so Essential?

    • 2 min read

    If you are not already using  heat protection products when styling your hair, you are putting your hair at risk. Available as sprays and serums, these products do what they say on the box - protect your hair against heat. When you use your  flat iron  or  hairdryer, your hair is exposed to a lot of heat. Flat irons and other tools that make direct contact with the hair can cause major damage without a protectant. In addition to protecting the hair, these products also serve other purposes. They lock in moisture, giving the hair a soft, glossy look and feel. Heat protection products also make it much easier to style your hair. 

    The Importance of Heat Protection Products

    Here are just a few reasons you can’t afford to go without heat protection products.

    Prevent heat damage. 

    The number one role of heat or thermal protection is to protect the hair against extremely high temperatures. The average temperature of a flat iron is around 100 degrees Celsius. These styling tools heat up very quickly. If you’ve ever accidentally touched your eyebrow or ear when styling, you’ll know how hot they can get. Now, imagine what that extreme heat is doing to your hair. If you do not use any protection, you are for all effects burning your hair. You will end up with dry, damaged,brittle hair that breaks easily. Thermal sprays and serums coat the hair so that heat cannot penetrate into the hair follicle. This ensures that you can safely use your styling tools without damaging your hair.

    Add gloss and softness.

    There’s nothing like the feeling of smooth, soft, glossy hair after a good blow-out or straightening. These products lock in moisture, creating a seal that keeps the hair feeling amazing. As you straighten, curl or create gentle waves, you are reducing frizz, smoothing out uneven texture and creating to-die-for locks that look as good as they feel.

    Style hair more easily.

    You’ll also have a lot less trouble  styling your hair when you use heat protectants. Many contain ingredients that are activated by heat. This makes it easier to get the styles you want. Your hair will be protected and ready to be transformed into any style you like. 

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