Brittle Hair Treatment Tips for Stronger Hair

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    Brittle Hair Treatment Tips for Stronger Hair

    If your hair is straw-like and breaking easily, you likely needbrittle hair treatment, stat. When hair is dehydrated and damaged, it becomes brittle and fragile, breaking easily. It also means that your hair looks dull, feels rough and dry and gets worse when you try and bring out that ghd or hairdryer. Luckily, there are a few brittle hair treatment tips that can help.

    Brittle Hair Treatment 101

    Give your hair the nourishment it needs to get stronger and healthier with brittle hair treatment. To get the help your hair so badly needs, here’s what you need to know about brittle hair.

    What does it feel like?

    If you take a section of hair and run your fingers down slowly, it will feel extremely dry. Not just dry but rough, too. It will feel like straw - hard, with a horrible texture. Your fingers may catch on broken strands. You may even find that a hair or few come off the section when you move your fingers down your hair. It feels a lot like split ends, only it’s not just on the end of your hair… it’s on all of your hair, from root to tip. In some cases, you may only have some brittle sections. For example, if you have been getting highlights for years and refreshing them often, you may find that the highlighted sections are more brittle than the rest of your hair.

    What causes it?

    In the majority of cases, the main cause of brittle hair is physical or chemical stress. Physical stress applies to excessive heat styling. If you straighten, curl or blowdry your hair daily and you do not use proper heat protection, the heat will start to take its toll. Chemical stress applies to hair dye, bleach, harsh chemicals in cheap hair products and overuse of styling products. Chemicals within these products leach moisture from your hair, resulting in damaged, weak hair. In some instances, environmental damage such as too much swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea can also weaken hair. 

    What can you do?

    The first step is to stop doing anything that can cause further damage. Stop using heat aids. Stop doing any colouring. Stop doing anything that will put more stress on your hair. Then you can begin to focus on getting your hair back to health. You can use products made for damaged or dehydrated hair, brush only with a wide-tooth comb and use regular leave-in treatments that nourish the hair from within. This will help to slowly restore your hair. 

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