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    Should You Invest in Professional Hair Products?

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    Much can be said about professional hair products - especially when compared to cheap store products. Your hairstylist has likely told you how important good quality products are for healthy hair. But you may still be wondering if it’s really worth paying a little extra when you can pick up cheaper products during your weekly shop. Are professional hair products all that they’re made out to be or are they a hype?

    The Value of Professional Hair Products

    In a nutshell, professionalhair products are absolutely not a hype. There’s a reason your hair salon sticks to certain brands and products. You would be unlikely to see any decent stylist using a cheap shampoo or conditioner. Your hair is an investment. Using poor quality products on your hair purely because it’s cheaper can end up causing a lot of damage. At the very least, it will not give you the type of hair you’ve always wanted. So why are professional products so important? 

    They are used in trusted hair salons

    Any trusted hair salon will offer a selection of products they use and trust. Each salon may have its own preference but every single decent salon will also sell other trusted brands that they trust enough to promote. The last thing any salon wants is unhappy customers. They want customers to leave with fabulous hair. Using cheap, generic products will never give the same results as products that are salon-approved. If your stylist uses the product, you can be sure that it’s good for you to use it, too.

    They are less likely to damage your hair

    As we mentioned earlier, cheap products can be very bad for your hair. Many are loaded withharmful chemicals, including silicon and sulphates. Over time, these strip your hair of natural moisture, leaving you with dry, weakened hair. Good quality products will nourish your hair with effective, proven ingredients, leaving your hair protected and healthy.

    They are often customised to your needs

    Professional products are also customised to meet specific hair concerns. Most conventional products only cover the basic hair types - dry, oily and normal. Anti-dandruff shampoos are not the same as scalp care products as they do not always address the root causes. You will seldom find products made for specific issues. This can make it harder to give your hair the care it needs to be healthy, soft and glossy. 

    At Retail Box, we take great care to hand-choose all of the products we offer in our collections. We use trusted professional hair care products that always help to promote truly happy and healthy hair.