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    Winter Skincare Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

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    Winter Skincare Tips for Hydrated Skin

    Keep your skin hydrated and healthy with our skincare tips for winter. Cold weather can trigger plenty of skin issues. The wind is a common trigger for dryness, while cold temperatures can also lead to dry, flaky skin. While those who already have skin that is dry will not be especially affected, even those with normal skin will experience dryness. It is not uncommon for skin to be more sensitive during the winter months. With the help of these skincare tips, you can avoid dry skin this winter. 

    Winter Skincare Tips for Hydrated Skin

    Here are our skincare tips for hydrated, soft skin this winter.

    Use the right products for your skin type.

    Is your skin always dry, becoming more so during the winter? Do you have normal skin that is typically drier in cold weather? Do you have combination skin that changes with the seasons? Is your skin mature or dehydrated? Using products that areright for your skin most of the year is important. Instead of changing all of your regular products during the summer and winter, look for products that add extra moisture on top of your regular products.

    Nourish your skin with treatments.

    There are many treatments for dry skin that can be used by all skin types. These should be your go-to option during winter. They will work alongside your regular moisturiser, cleanser and toner without disrupting your skin’s natural balance. Try looking for products containing amino acids or other nourishing ingredients. Add aweekly mask or include ahydrating serum as part of your bedtime skincare routine. 

    Don’t forget about sunscreen.

    Sunscreen is important all year - whatever the season. Many assume that it is only needed during the hot summer months when the sun can be visibly felt. UV rays can be extremely high during the winter months as well. Combined with wind, this can cause dryness and also risk damage to the sensitive skin of your face. It can fast-track signs of ageing if you skip sunscreen every winter. Your skin will look duller and feel dryer. Look for products that contain sunscreen or use a dedicated facial sunscreen every morning.

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