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    Top Signs of Damaged Hair

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    Top Signs of Damaged Hair

    Damaged hair is not always easy to spot right away. Although it is obvious in some cases, you may assume your hair is simply dry in other cases. If you think that your hair is dry and only needs a little bit of extra conditioning, you may end up causing more stress. With that in mind, it is always good to know the signs of damaged hair.

    Damaged Hair Warning Signs

    There are a few causes of damaged hair. Chemicals such as bleach, dye and straighteners are a common cause, especially if you have been changing up your hair for many years without a break. Heat damage is also common. This happens when you use styling aids incorrectly, too often or without thermal protection. Hair can also be damaged by exposure to sun, wind and other elements in some cases. Whatever the cause, here are a few signs to watch out for...

    It breaks easily.

    If your hair breaks when it’s brushed or styled, it is likely damaged. You can do a breakage test by taking a piece of hair and gently pulling it downwards. Healthy hair will stretch a bit. Damaged or stressed hair that is missing essential proteins will snap under pressure.

    It doesn’t respond to treatments.

    You can use all the masks in the world and condition twice a day but it will not make much difference. When your hair is dry, it needs moisture. When your hair is damaged, it needs far more than moisture. In most cases, the damage is caused by a loss of natural proteins. You will need treatments that are made specifically toreplenish the hair

    It has an uneven texture.

    Try taking a section of hair between your fingers and running them slowly down the section. How does it feel? Healthy hair will feel smooth - even if you have naturally coarse hair. It is not the overall texture you are checking. It is whether the texture is even. If you have parts that are coarse and dry and parts that break easily orparts that feel thin, it is a sure sign of damage. 

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