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    Beautiful Brunette Hair Colour Trends

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    Whether you’re aiming to go darker this year or your already brown hair is in need of a refresh, there are many stunning brunette hair colour trends out there. Brown hair can be highly versatile, with a huge variation in shade, from light to very dark. You don’t have to make drastic changes if you want to play around with brunette hair colour, either. By adding highlights, lowlights and other subtle colour additions, brown doesn’t have to be basic. In this article, we’ll share some brown hair colour ideas to try.

    Must-Try Brunette Hair Colour Ideas

    For those wanting to go darker, there is a huge spectrum of brunette hair colours, from cool to warm tones. Here are just a few ideas to consider.


    The darker version of rose gold, this colour has a warm medium brown base, with ash blonde highlights and very subtle warm, light red tones. The result is a soft, misty mauve colour that falls somewhere between light and mid-brown. 


    Chocolate brown remains a classic choice for anyone looking for a rich, deep shade of brown. If you have light brown hair, this one will be a good pick. If you’re wanting a more solid colour rather than highlights, this is also a good choice. 


    As the name suggests, bronde falls somewhere between brown and blonde. It’s not quite light brown, thanks to the warm highlights. But it’s not blonde either. The balance of brown and blonde needs to be blended well for this colour to work.


    We’re not talking about the cost of the hair colour, here. Instead, this colour is all about the image it portrays… old money, extreme chic, and understated elegance. Very subtle highlights are blended into natural brown shades in a way that adds a sophisticated touch of colour.


    Finally, we have another favourite - mocha. If you want a more solid brown but don’t want to go as dark as chocolate, this warm brown will be just right. It works with all skin colours and undertones, and all hair types. As a solid colour, it’s pretty low-maintenance, too. 

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