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    3 Ways to Use Your ghd Styler

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    ghd styler

    Few hair styling tools are more versatile than aghd styler This tool is the simplest and quickest way to change up your hair from straight to wavy within just a few minutes. Although most people use the ghd flat iron to create straight, sleek locks, others like to add volume and shape or add in some perfect natural waves. Keep reading to find out how you can change your look with this handy tool.

    How to Use Your ghd Styler

    Some of the ways that you can style your hair with your ghd styler include the following:


    The easiest way to get straight hair is to use a straightening iron. Instead of spending forever with a brush and hairdryer, a straightener works with the help of two ceramic heating plates that glide across your hair, smoothing the follicles. To straighten your hair, divide it into small sections and then, after using a heat protect spray or serum, slowly flatten each section from the root down. Follow up with a smoothing serum and you’re good to go.

    ghd straight hair



    You can also createnatural-looking waves. There are a few ways to do this but the easiest way is to twist sections of your hair and then glide the iron down each twisted section from top to bottom. The bigger the twist, the bigger the wave. This works best with larger sized irons. You can also wrap hair loosely around the barrel of the iron and smooth out that way.

    ghd wavy hair



    If you’re looking for a style that is somewhere between straight and wavy, you can also create body and shape with yourghd. Try flicking out your fringe or the layers around your face by moving the iron outwards when you get near the ends of the hair. You can also flick sections upwards to create movement. Experiment and see what works!

    ghd shape

    With the help of your trusty ghd styler, you will be able to get the hair you want instantly.