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    Bedtime Skincare Routine for Beautiful Skin

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    Having a proper bedtime skincare routine is essential for healthy, beautiful skin. After a long day, your skin needs added pampering before you go to sleep. Keep reading to get our tips on how to create a bedtime skincare routine.

    How to Create a Bedtime Skincare Routine

    In order of application, here is a simple go-to bedtime skincare routine with just five steps.

    Makeup remover

    Going to bed with your makeup on is a huge no-no and for good reason. Makeup - especially concealer and foundation - clogs the pores. If left overnight, you could end up with breakouts and other issues. Use a good makeup remover to gently remove any and all makeup.


    Once you have removed lingering traces of makeup, it’s time to do a cleanse. Use a nourishing, gentlecleanser designed for your skin type. Dry skin types can try a cream or milk cleanser. Oily and combination skins can go with a gel cleanser. 


    After cleansing, the next step is to tone. Once again, it is best to choose atoner that is suited to your skin type. Using a toner made for dry skin may not be the best choice for oilier skin types. Likewise, an oily skin toner will not provide the same moisture to dry skins.


    Serums, eye treatments and other treatments are best applied before moisturiser. Apply these to clean, damp skin. Let the serum dry before applying moisturiser so that it is fully absorbed.


    Finally, you can apply your night cream ormoisturiser. Choose one that is made for the night time and right for your skin type. This will give your skin the full benefit, nourishing while you sleep and giving your skin all the moisture it needs during the night.

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