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    How to do a French Manicure

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    Whether you prefer a classic French manicure or something more modern, there is no doubt that this type of manicure is the very definition of elegance. If you’re looking to do your own at home, you may be feeling a little daunted at getting it right. It may take a try or two but with a steady hand and a few helpful tips in mind, doing your own French manicure will be a lot easier.

    French Manicure Made Simple

    Here are a couple of steps to follow when doing your French manicure at home.


    Every good manicure starts with a perfectly shaped nail. There are many different nail shapes and every woman has her own preference. Stick to something simple such as an oval cut, try a square cut or an almond cut or go for something dramatic such as the stiletto cut. Use nail scissors or clippers to create your desired shape and thenfile the edges until smooth. 


    Once your nails are clean and shaped, you can move to the fun part… adding the polish. If you’re going with a classic manicure, you will need a shade of light pink, nude or something close to your natural nail colour and white polish for the tips. You can mix it up with gold, black or coloured tips for something fun. Do the base coat first (ideally two coats), then, when that is dry, do the tips. Use nail strips or go freehand, carefully following the tip in one smooth motion. Make sure that the brush has enough polish without any risk of drips. 


    When the polish is done and dried, you can finish off the manicure with a layer or two of topcoat. Make sure that tips and nail are completely dry before proceeding, however. If the polish is even slightly wet, you will undo all the work you have just finished. Let the top coat dry completely and then add a moisturisinghand and nail cream

    And that is that… your manicure is done. Browse our selection ofnail polish colours to get inspiration for your French manicure.