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    Are You Washing Your Hair Too Often?

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    There’s a delicate line betweenkeeping your hair clean and washing hair too often. Although some hair types such as very fine, straight or oily hair need daily washing, many hair types should be washed less often. If you have natural, curly, dry, damaged, colour-treated or frizzy hair, washing daily might just be what’s causing all of those bad days. That doesn’t mean going weeks without a proper wash, of course. It does mean getting that balance right to prevent the problems caused by over-washing your hair.

    The Problem With Hair Over-Washing

    What do we mean when we talk about hair over-washing? This is a bit of a broad phrase that will mean different things depending on yourhair type. Those with fine, frizzy hair will not have the same needs as those with thick, dry hair. So, rather than seeing over-washing as a set rule that applies to everyone, it’s better to focus on how it applies to your hair specifically.

    With that said, over-washing is exactly what it sounds like… washing your hair too often. Whether you have combination hair with oily roots and dry ends or coarse hair that doesn’t absorb moisture easily, washing properly is a huge step in your haircare routine. 

    Your scalp produces natural oils that affect your hair. A dry scalp will often mean dry hair. Likewise, an oily scalp with a high sebum production will often mean oily hair. When cleansing your scalp and hair, you need to clear away excess sebum and dead skin cells and clean the hair shaft. Between washes, your scalp needs to have a chance to generate new skin cells and oil. If you have a dry scalp, this process can take longer. Constant washing can strip the scalp of its natural oils. The result is a dry scalp and dry hair. 

    Besides stripping your hair of its natural moisture, washing too often can also weaken the hair shaft from the root down. Using products that contain sulphates or other harsh ingredients dries your hair out further. If you have colour-treated, heat-damaged or dehydrated hair, washing too often can increase the risk of breakage. 

    How often should you be washing your hair, then? The best person to ask is your hair stylist. They will help you have a better idea of your hair type and the unique needs of your hair. 

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