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    Choosing the Best Products for Your Hair Type

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    Wondering how to choose the best products for your hair type? Most people focus only on the most basic types - dry, normal and oily. Hair is a lot more complex, however, with many other factors to consider from the condition of the hair to whether it is coloured. To help you find the bestKérastase products for your hair type, we’ve put together a list of things to consider. 

    How to Choose Products for Your Hair Type

    To find the right products that nourish your hair to the fullest, here are some of the things to take into account when determining your hair type. 

    Hair texture. 

    Hair texture ranges from coarse to dry, frizzy, straight, fine, and oily. This is the most common feature that most use when choosing hair products. With that said, you can have hair that is fine but frizzy and hair that is coarse and thick as well as oily. Many products on the market do not cater for ‘combination’ hair, which many people have when they do not fit into the most common hair categories. With several ranges designed for various textures and types, Kérastase makes it easier to find products that suit your hair texture.

    Hair condition. 

    The overall condition of your hair is another factor to consider when choosing products. Dry hair can include hair that is naturally dry as well as hair that is dry from the use of styling treatments or tools. Damaged hair is different from dry hair in many ways.Scalp issues can cause oil imbalance, but they do not only happen to those with oily hair. Hair loss can affect any type of hair. Once again, Kérastase helps you find products made specifically for your hair condition.

    Hair colour. 

    If you havecoloured hair, you will need specific products that help to maintain colour and prevent damage caused by chemicals. Hair that has been lightened or dyed blond will have different needs compared to products made for hair dyed with other colours. Product ranges such asKérastase Blond Absolu help to balance yellow tones with purple tones to avoid brassiness and increase the vibrancy of blond hair. 

    Once you have a better idea of your hair’s unique needs, you’ll be able to choose the right Kérastase products for your specific hair type.