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    Hair Styling Essentials for All Hair Lengths

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    Hair Styling Essentials for All Hair Lengths

    From short to long,Redken has all the hairstyling essentials you need to keep your hair looking fabulous. This brand is synonymous with salon-quality hair products, with a selection of ranges designed to treat all hair concerns. Along with shampoos, conditioners and treatments, Redken offers a selection of hair styling products that help you style your hair, whatever its length. 

    Hair Styling Must-Haves for All Lengths

    Get the style you want quickly and easy, whatever your hair length. Some of our favourite Redken hair styling products for hair of all lengths include the following:


    Depending on how short your hair is, there are a few different products that you can use. Waxes, clays and pastes are ideal for very short styles such as pixies and short bobs. These products add texture and help you shape your hair, adding shine and definition. If your hair is closer to chin-length, you can also try a versatile cream-mousse such asRedken Aerate 08 to create different styles and add definition. 

    Redken Aerate


    Mid-length styles such as lobs and shoulder-length cuts have a wide variety of products to choose from. If you’re aiming for something low-key and easy to use, try an air-dry product such asRedken No Blow Dry Bossy Cream. This cream is ideal for wash-and-go styling, helping you smooth hair and reduce frizz with minimal effort. Sprays and mousses can also be used to mix up your style and give more hold to updos. 

    Redken Bossy Cream


    If you have long curly hair, you could tryRedken Curvaceous Curl Refiner to add more definition to your curls. All hair types can useRedken Fashion Work for 8-hour control and fast-drying hold, shape and finish.Redken Quick Dry 18 is ideal for updos, giving you more control and an instant finish. You can also try mousses and leave-in serums for a natural finish that is ideal for loose locks that don’t need much upkeep. 

    Redken Curl RefinerRedken Fashion WorkRedken Quick Dry

    Retail Box has a wide range of products to keep your hair in perfect condition. Browse our fullRedken hair styling products to find everything you need in one place.