Colourful chaos -


    Colourful chaos

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    If you’re a fan of festival season, and the style that goes with it, then get your gloves ready for some colourful chaos.


    This years colour trends are upping the playful ante and are HEAVY on the coral hues.


    With a mix of smart and seductive thrown in…


    We’ve whittled our favourites down to these fabulous five.


    #1 Fantasy Shades


    Vibrant blues, purples and pinks. Combined for multi-tones of what’s being hailed as peanut butter jelly hair.


    Pin the look down with bejeweled brows and you are ‘Coachella covered’.


    Fantasy shades


    #2 Rose Gold


    Gigi Hadid’s take on this is being saluted as perfection.


    A delicately whimsical style that oozes femininity and is utterly age-proof.


    Rose Gold


    #3 Millennial Pink


    This bold statement is for the fresh faced. And almost reigns superior when dressed down.


    Cotton candy pinks teamed with a natural face, sunshades and some casual denim are the way to own this raw style.


    Millenial pink


    #4 Blonde Grey


    When Kim Kardashian debuted her monochromatic platinum hair earlier this year the industry went “nuts” for it.


    And it hasn’t lost it’s edge just yet. Another age-proof colour which looks as stunning on a sun showered festival goer as it does on a straight haired lob rocking professional.



    Blonde grey


    #5 Edible Darks


    Rounding off with another glamorous classic. Chocolate browns, coffee colours and latte lowlights.


    Worn in a long to mid-length style with very loose curls, this look is smart, seductive and quite frankly scrumptious!


    Edible Darks


    Tip: It’s worth remembering that where hair dyeing is concerned, personal hair care should be a prime concern so as to avoid damage.


    A lot of the current colour trends require heavy bleaching which means an even heavier dose of nourishment will be required to keep those locks looking lucious.


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