Believing in the power of essential oils, Bomb cosmetics is a carefully picked range of handmade and natural bath and skincare products that focuses on the likes of smell, mood, and feeling.

Moulded mixed, rolled and piped entirely by hand even up until the drawing designs on the gift wrap and decorations on the blasters.

Bomb Cosmetics prides themselves on creating 100% handmade products that smell, look and feel wonderful on your skin.

Animal testing is totally out of the question! Never ever will Bomb Cosmetics test any of their ingredients or products on animals.

Natural ingredients are used wherever they can be.  All soaps, candles and potted and bottled products are vegan-friendly as well as a load of blasters, creamers and mallows.

Change your soul and enhance your mood with any product from the Bomb range. Essential oils can be found in each and every Bomb product and are all extracted from a variation of plants, flowers, and fruits.

So, take your pick and change your mood with any of the below products that Retail Box has to offer:


Bomb blasters

These are probably one of the most relaxing ways to use aromatherapy and essential oils in your daily routine. Fizz up and create the ultimate bathing experience with these Bomb Cosmetic blasters that are packed with the most elusive oils.

Bath blasters

Bath Mallows and Creamers

Bath mallows and creamers are totally different to bath blasters. They are filled with creamy cocoa and Shea butter to moisturise and nourish your skin. Not a fan of fizz? Instead of fizzing these mallows, and creamers slowly and luxuriously melts into the water releasing butter and oil into your bath and are easily absorbed into your skin.

Bath mallows

Handmade soap

Packed with a unique blend of pure essential oils, each bar is mixed, rolled and twisted into shape entirely by hand. All soaps are vegan-friendly and very mild with a PH of around 7.

Bath soap

Butter me baby – Body butters

A selected range of fragranced body butters ranging from the classic vanilla to Pina Colada. Each pot is filled with at least 20% pure cocoa and Shea butter for extra nourishment.



Handmade and packed with essential oils just like the rest of the range to help alter or enhance your moods and emotion. Use them, keep them and then re-use them again. These candles can burn for over 30 hours.



Retail Box offers a wide range of Bomb cosmetic products.

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