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    Wash day struggles

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    Deciding on hair wash days for us females could be a real struggle. Washing your hair too often might leave it brittle and dry and washing too little would leave your hair looking greasy and flat. Which do you choose?  Trying to find the balance with hair washing days could be a tricky one. 

    Different hair types require different routines. Every hair type is different and might require special products to suit specific needs. With the many different textures,colours and lengths our hair maintenance routines are never the same as those next to us.

    Active lifestyles are number one reason for daily washing. The more you sweat the more oil you build up on your scalp causing your scalp and roots to get dirtier much faster than those who are less active.

    Below we’ve mentioned some of the most important pointers to consider when deciding on your hair cleansing routine.


    Texture plays a big role! Thicker hair strands can often last longer without a cleanse whereas finer strands might need daily cleansing. Textured hair is normally drier than straight hair and may require less washing.



    Haircolour has a huge impact on washing patterns. Hair pigments are important as It holds the shine and may also keep your hair looking less oily for a longer period. Darker shades with more pigment tend to keep their shine and don’t requirecleansing as often, a min of 2 washes a week should do the trick. Cleansing brunette or blonde hair too often might cause a loss of pigment which may cause your hair to become faded with a lack ofcolour.


    Many ask the question; how often should I wash my hair? The normal hair washing routine is every 2-3 days, however, some hair types require more attention than others. Keep in mind, the more you wash your hair the more your scalp produces oil and the more dependent your hair becomes on daily cleansing. When you wash less often your scalp starts to produce
    less oils allowing for longer periods between wash days.



    Try slowly training your hair so that you won’t require daily washing, it’s a lengthy process but should be worth it in the end. Dry shampoo could come in handy as it absorbs the oil build up and helps to prolong the ‘clean look’ of your hair. Use dry shampoo between washes to reduce the number of days you wash your hair.


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