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    Festive Makeup

    • 2 min read

    Festival season is beating its way into earshot like the percussion drumming of the Zulu.


    For many, it’s the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the winds of fashion and rock some seriously flamboyant and daring ensembles.


    However, for those whose inclination is to air more on the subtle side of bold… we have gathered some of the cutest makeup trends to pull off that less profound festival chic look.


    Stow away that sight hindering headdress and get your eyes wrapped around these 5 little beauties...


    #1 Two-tone Eyeshadow 

    two tone eyeshadow


    You can choose to two-tone both eyes or mismatch each eye a different colour. Both work beautifully.


    Coral and aqua blue or Purple and evergreen as colour combinations compliment each other very well.


    The key is to prime your eyelids first, use a coloured liner to create a bolder edged base and then perfect your blending technique. 


    #2 Glitzy Glimmer

    glitzy glimmer makeup

    With glitter… there can be a tendency to go slightly OTT.


    If you’re more an under than over the top kind of girl then try using a glitter gel under eye, along the cheekbone, choose between emphasis on either eyeshadow or lipstick but avoid both unless one is very subtle. 


    Use earrings or other accessories to animate the look a bit more if desired.


    #3 Ethereal Eyelashes

    Etheral eye shadow


    If the boldness of the two-tone look is too theatrical for you, downplay the intensity by using a coloured mascara instead.


    Understated does not have to mean free from colour.



    #4 Elegant Embellishment

    elegent makeup



    The full diamante brow and eye combination might be a tad garish for some. But facial embellishment can be tempered to look elegant.


    Combined with a natural makeup look, dot your embellishment sparingly as feels fitting, around or under the eyes, brow and/or cheeks.


    #5 Sunset Orange Eyes

     sunset orange eye makeup


    It may be slightly intense for an everyday look but these bright orange eyes are as festive as it gets for “eyeshadow”.


    If you can’t find a palette that’s bright enough in colour or if your shadow is simply lacking in staying power, face paint will work fantastically.



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