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    Fringe Hairstyle Trends for 2021

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    Fringe Hairstyle Trends for 2021

    If you’re looking to change things up a bit without afull cut, a fringe hairstyle is the way to go. With that said, not all fringes will suit all people. For best results, you want a style that accentuates your features. Luckily, there are many fringe hairstyle trends to choose from, with fringes to suit every face type. 

    Finding the Right Fringe Hairstyle

    Here are some trends that will help you find the best fringe hairstyle that suits you perfectly.


    Think wispy, layered and subtle. This type of fringe is versatile and easy, working well with all hair lengths and styles. It works especially well with lobs and shaggy bobs, along with other layered cuts.


    Curtain bangs or fringes are simple, allowing your fringe to work with your natural parting. You can wear them on each side or play around and try a side fringe for something a little different. These work well with straight and wavy length, in mid or longer lengths.


    Working with all hair lengths, the micro fringe is striking yet surprisingly versatile. It’s a great choice if you want a fringe without the maintenance. It’s ideal for straight hair but you can rock it with wavy and curly hair if youstraighten it to a sleek line.


    Straight, blunt fringes are back again. These work with all hair lengths. They are great for French bobs, lobs, shoulder length cuts, long hair and shaggy cuts. Although they work best for straight or slightly wavy hair, they can work on straightened hair if it’sthick enough to hold the fringe’s blunt shape.


    You can update yourcurly cut with a fringe, too. These fringes are great for natural and curly cuts - bobs, mid-length cuts and longer cuts. They don’t require much maintenance to look good, although a good curl defining cream or smoothing product will help define the curls and avoid frizz. 

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