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    3 Kérastase Essentials to Tame Curly Hair

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    As any girl with curly hair knows, it can be a nightmare to get curls under control when having bad hair days. Even on good hair days, getting those beautiful curls tamed is not always easy. Brushing leads to frizz, too much heat styling causes hair to dry out and even the slightest bit of humidity makes those curls get even harder to keep under control. Kérastase offers a selection of products that will help tame curly hair, helping you get defined, glossy curls and say goodbye to bad hair days.

    Kérastase Essentials for Unruly Curly Hair

    Some of our top Kérastase picks for curly hair that is hard to tame include the following:

    1. Masque Curl Ideal

    TheKérastase Masque Curl Ideal penetrates deep into the hair, to control unruly hair and reduce volume. It is ideal for thick and even extremely thick hair, with Pro-Keratin and Elastine active ingredients that help to smooth away frizz. The formula does not weight down the hair or add grease to the ends, allowing curls to be softer, stronger and much easier to tame. This mask is part of the Discipline range.

    2. Oleo-Relax Advanced Hair Oil

    Part of the Discipline-Oleo range, this hair oil helps to create sleek, shiny curls. It gives the hair loads of moisture, and also acts as a heat protection oil. Frizzy curls especially benefit, with curls that are much easier to style. Key ingredients in theOleo-Relax Advanced Hair Oil include coconut oil, Shorea butter and other natural oils that penetrate the hair and hydrate from within. 

    3. Bain Curl Ideal

    As part of the Kérastase Discipline range, theBain Curl Ideal 2-in-1 cleansing conditioner helps to gently cleanse and condition all at once. Curls are detangled during washing, nourishing from root to ends. As a result, curls get more definition and bounce and less frizz. This product has no sulphates or silicone and is suitable for all curly hair types. 

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