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    3 Reasons to Use Makeup Primer

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    Applying make up primerWondering why makeup primer is a must-have for your cosmetic bag? Primer plays a big role in your beauty routine. After washing,toning and moisturising, primer is applied to your skin. This essentially prepares your skin for the makeup you will be using. There are many reasons to use makeup primer, from evening out your complexion to creating a more flawless look.

    Benefits of Makeup Primer

    The biggest benefits ofmakeup primer include the following:

    Creates a base for your makeup.

    As we mentioned above, primer prepares your skin for the makeup you will be applying. It acts as a base for the makeup, reducing oil and shine and making sure that the makeup works more effectively. It makes sure that the makeup stays on as well, which is always important. Used alongside a setting spray once you have finished your makeup routine, your makeup will be able to last all day. There are various types of primer, from mattifying to hydrating. Finding the right primer will help you create a flawless base. 

    Hydrates and nourishes your skin.

    Primer reduces inflammation and redness, while nourishing the skin as well. When your skin is hydrated, makeup will look more natural. It will also absorb better into your skin without drying out. Look out for high-quality primers that soothe the skin and protect your skin from any ingredients in foundation, concealer, highlighters, and other makeup. 

    Evens out imperfections.

    Primer also helps to even out imperfections within your skin. In an ideal world, we would all have perfect skin that requires nothing at all to make it look radiant. In reality, just about all of us have tiny imperfections. These are not always notifiable, but when makeup is added, they can stand out. Primer helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and makes pores look smaller, too.

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