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    Do You Really Need Skin Toner?

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    Along with cleanser, moisturiser and targeted treatments, skin toner plays a vital role in your skincare regime. Toner serves a few purposes, helping to clarify your skin and increase absorption of moisturisers, serums and other treatments. Although traditional toners containing alcohol increased the chance of dry skin, today’s toners contain nourishing ingredients that give your skin everything it needs to be soft, healthy and glowing. Keep reading to find out why skin toner is so important.

    Benefits of Using Skin Toner

    The biggest benefits of skin toner include the following:

    Removes trace amounts of impurities

    Although cleansing will remove the majority of impurities such as dirt, sebum and dead skin cells that build up over the course of the day andwhile you sleep, there are often trace amounts left after cleansing. Toner helps to remove these last impurities, cleansing your skin on a deeper level. For those with oily skin, toner can help to clarify the skin to reduce oil build-up. 

    Hydrates, refreshes and balances the skin

    The right toner will go beyond removing impurities. A good toner will also help to target specific skin types, helping to hydrate, refresh and balance your skin. Toners rich in naturally-derived ingredients will be especially good for your skin, as they actively treat various skin types from oily tocombination, dry, mature or sensitive. 

    Prepares your skin for treatments and moisturiser

    Last, but not least, toners will also prepare your skin for treatments to follow. When your skin is clean, toned and slightly damp, it will be much easier for serums, eye creams and other treatments to absorb into your skin. Likewise, it will also be easier for moisture to seep deeper into your skin’s top layers. This will give you the best results, with smooth, plump skin that is fully hydrated.

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