Dyson Airwrap - Curl. Wave. Smooth. Dry!

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     Have you ever met a styling tool that can dry, curl, smooth, and wave?

    The all-new Dyson Airwrap styler dries and styles simultaneously. The styler combines powerful airflow with controlled heat to create your favourite styles by using air and no extreme heat which causes less damage.

    Not everyone has the same hair or wants the same style so Dyson designed different attachments for different hair types and styles. For best results start with freshly washed hair and style as desired.Use the Pre-styling dryer to dry hair to damp before styling with the barrels.

    Whether you opting for voluminous curls and waves or a smooth blow-dry finish, the Dyson Airwrap styler comes with 8 different styling attachments which include curling barrels and smoothing brushes to perfect any style from curl to smooth.


    Styling attachments:

    • 2-inch Airwrap barrel

    Create and set voluminous curls. With one clockwise and one anti-clockwise barrel, to create symmetrical curls and waves. 

    • 6-inch Airwrap barrel

    Create and set loose curls and waves. With one clockwise and one anti-clockwise barrel, to create symmetrical curls and waves.

    • Round volumizing brush

    Directs air into the hair to give body, and the bristles create tension to shape hair as it dries. Ideal for fine, flat hair.

    • Firm smoothing brush

    Creates a straighter style with less frizz and fewer flyway’s. With firm bristles to control frizz-prone hair.

    • Soft smoothing brush

    Creates a smooth, blow-dry finish. With soft bristles engineered to be gentle on the scalp.

    • Pre styling Dryer

    Takes hair from wet to damp, ready for styling.



    • No extreme heat
    • Barrels to curl or wave
    • Brushes to smooth and volumize
    • Styles with air and not extreme heat
    • Different attachments for different styles
    • Dries and styles simultaneously


    What’s included:

    2 x 1.2-inch Airwrap barrels 
    2 x 1.6-inch Airwrap barrels 
    1 x Firm smoothing brush 
    1 x Soft smoothing brush 
    1 x Round volumizing brush 
    1 x Pre-styling dryer
    1 x Storage case 
    1 x Non-slip mat
    1 x Filter cleaning brush

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