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    History of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure

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    Schwarzkopf Bonacure

    The very first Biometric hair care regime that offers personalised hair restoration, Schwarzkopf Bonacure offers a range of products. Biometric hair technology was designed to repair hair on a cellular level, returning hair to optimal health.


    The BC Bonacure range offers salon-approved products for a variety of hair care concerns, from damaged hair to mature, fine, coloured, thinning, and normal hair. Rather than providing quick-fix promises, this range is all about longer-term therapies that work.


    Everything You Need to Know About Schwarzkopf Bonacure


    Schwarzkopf has a long history dating back to over 120 years. This iconic hair product brand was founded in Germany by Hans Schwarzkopf in 1898, taking its name from its founder. Over the decades, the brand has become a household name for hair care products, colourants, treatments, shampoo and conditioner, styling products, and many other products used in salons across the globe.


    Schwarzkopf Bonacure, better known as BC Bonacure, originated from a need for personalised hair treatments made to treat specific hair types and conditions.


    The signature ranges include the following:

    • Damaged, distressed hair. The Peptide Repair Rescue range is designed for hair that is damaged and distressed. For extremely damaged and overly processed hair, BC Fibre Force offers a patented Bond Connector Technology that reduces breakage, softens hair, and strengthens hair.
    • Coloured and highlighted hair. For coloured and highlighted hair, the pH 4.5 Color Freeze range helps to maintain colour with reduced fade, while keeping processed hair healthy from root to tip.
    • Coarse hair. Products in this range include Keratin Smooth Perfect for thick, hard to manage coarse hair, helping to tame frizz and smooth hair, while increasing shine.
    • Thinning hair and imbalanced scalp. Thinning hair and imbalanced scalps can be treated with the BC Scalp Genesis. This range detoxes the scalp and encourages thicker, healthy hair.
    • Normal to dry or fine hair. The Hyaluronic Moisture Kick range helps to increase shine and bounce, making dry hair easier to manage. For fine hair, the Collagen Volume Boost range adds more volume and shine.
    Schwarzkopf BC Range

    Retail Box offers a wide range of salon-professional BC Bonacure products to meet the needs of your hair. Treat your hair to the products it deserves with our Schwarzkopf Bonacure collection.