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    How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

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    How much hair loss is normal? Is shedding the same thing? What causes hair to fall out and what can you do when you start to see clumps of hair in your brush? There is a lot of information out there about hair loss… not all of it is accurate. A huge part of dealing with this issue is first having a solid understanding of what it is, why it happens and how you can deal with it when it happens. 

    Hair Loss Myths & Misconceptions

    Here are some of the things you need to know about hair loss.

    Myth 1: Shedding = loss

    The most common question many women ask is how much hair must be lost before it’s considered a problem. There is also some confusion on loss versus shedding. Hair shedding is completely normal. Almost everyone will experience shedding at some point. On average, your hair sheds between 50 and 100 hairs a day. If you are shedding more than this, it could be due to various factors, from stress to hormones. It is not always permanent and when shedding stops, your hair grows as normal. Hair loss on the other hand is more serious. When this happens, the hair stops growing and clumps start to fall out. It then becomes a medical condition. In most cases, you will need to see a specialist. 

    Myth 2: The damage is permanent

    Although it can be ongoing, it is not always permanent. The biggest factor that determines whether the hair will regrow again is the cause behind the loss (more on that in a bit). In some more serious cases, it is a slow, progressive process. Hairstarts to thin, and bald patches may appear. With the right help and a lot of TLC, you may be able to reverse the process or at least prevent further damage if the problem is not too serious. 

    Myth 3: It’s an age thing

    A common misconception is that this issue only happens as you age. While age is certainly one factor, it’s not the only factor. Genetics play a big role. Stress, pregnancy, other hormonal changes, diet, certain conditions, chemotherapy and similar treatments, and even harsh chemicals in hair dye can affect your hair. Excessive heat styling can lead to serious damage. 

    Whether you are concerned about shedding or you are noticing potential signs of loss, the first thing to do is speak to a dermatologist. Next, make sure that you stock up on high-quality haircare products that give your skin the nourishment it needs.Hair supplements can also greatly help. Retail Box has everything you need to deal withhair loss - shop online now and get delivery to your doorstep.