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    Essential Hair Nutrients for Healthy Locks

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    Essential Hair Nutrients for Healthy Locks

    Hair nutrients offer a simple yet effective way to nourish your hair from the inside out. Although nutrient-rich products are also essential for healthy hair, supplements can provide additional benefits. The result is beautiful hair that is stronger, smoother and less prone to damage. There are two major hair nutrients we’ll be talking about today: collagen and biotin. Both of these ingredients are used in supplements for nails and skin as well as hair. For your hair, they offer many benefits. 

    The Best Hair Nutrients

    Here’s what thesehair nutrients can do for your hair…


    Collagen is a protein produced naturally in the body. It is the body’s most abundant protein, making up skin, tendons, ligaments and hair. Most collagen supplements for hair contain keratin, which is widely known for its ability to strengthen hair. Another benefit of collagen is that it is an antioxidant, fighting damage caused by free radicals that can result in hair loss and other issues. 

    Collagen makes up 70% of the dermis - the middle layer of your skin that contains the root of each hair. As you age, the body slowly starts to stop producing collagen naturally. This nutrient is responsible for promoting elasticity and strength in the skin. With supplements, you can improve this layer of skin. To get the benefits of this nutrient, look for supplements containing marine or bovine collagen, which contain high concentrations of collagen.


    Also known as vitamin H,biotin is part of the vitamin B family. It converts nutrients into energy, helping to promote healthy hair, nails and skin. Signs of biotin deficiency include hair loss and red scaly rashes. Although deficiency is rare, an added biotin boost can offer many benefits to your hair - especially for hair growth. 

    One of the biggest benefits of this nutrient is its ability to promote shiny, stronger hair that protects against environmental damage. It is a good choice for those with dull and damaged hair, as well asthinning hair, and helps to encourage growth by strengthening and thickening the hair. Like collagen, it boosts keratin levels. It can also help to improvescalp health. In many cases, biotin is included as an active ingredient in multi-nutrient supplements. 

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